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A translator provides translations of the source language into English.

A raw provider provides us with raw manga that we then proceed to translate.  They can obtain the raw directly e.g. buying and scanning the book themselves or they can get it through other sites.

An Editor cleans raw manga and then typesets the translations.  (SFX do not have to be cleaned, but if you can do it then we would be much obliged.)

A QC goes through the finished product and makes sure there is no typos or cleaning errors.  QC can either fix the errors themselves or send it back to the editor/cleaner/typesetter to be fixed.

A cleaner cleans raw manga that is then sent to a typesetter or editor.  Cleaners do not have to clean SFX, but if you can then please do.

A typesetter picks appropriate fonts to use in a manga then places into the bubbles/panels.

A proofreader reads through the translations to maker sure the grammar and spelling are correct before it reaches the Editor/Typesetter.

We work in our spare time... between naps. Actually, we are just normal people like you with jobs, school, anime and manga to enjoy, and our hobbies to practice. We do our utmost to keep up, but sometimes, we need a break to bake some cookies to munch on while we scanlate.