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Sorry, thought this would be out sooner but, as fate would have it I recently smashed my laptop screen with a flashlight.  Between that and applying for college I have been running around for the past two months  but I finally have some free time after being accepted into one of the colleges I applied for!  I was really happy because it was the one I really wanted to get into!  Well, I know no one wants to hear me rabble on all day so here is the new chapter!

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2 Kitsunay  
Congratulations anna! ^_^ Now, if only I can borrow your luck every once in a while...
By the way martinez, I'm the translator and I've been improving the quality of my translations quite a bit lately, so as the series goes by, it'll start sounding a bit more natural. I absolutely love the wordplay and humour in this manga. Anyways, **sits down at computer with awesome dictionary to continue translating**

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1 martinez  
Congrats for making it to ur chosen college! And thanks for this title. Just stumbled at this series, and maybe I'll go take a look first :D

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