Sorry, thought this would be out sooner but, as fate would have it I recently smashed my laptop screen with a flashlight.  Between that and applying for college I have been running around for the past two months  but I finally have some free time after being accepted into one of the colleges I applied for!  I was really happy because it was the one I really wanted to get into!  Well, I know no one wants to hear me rabble on all day so here is the new chapter!

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Hope everyone enjoys the new theme!  Well, that is the only update besides adding to the FAQ section and some other small updates.
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Yay, Akuma-sama Herupu chapter 3 is finally here!  Sorry guys for the wait it would have been out a lot sooner if I hadn't gotten my wisdom teeth removed.  Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving for those who have it and for those who don't have a good day!

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Well, like the title says my computer went down right after I uploaded Ch.2 and I had to wait forever for it to get fixed but, I well here is the release everyone has been waiting for:


Sorry about that.  There changed it.  If it doesn't work just tell me.
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I was going to introduce our new team members earlier but, I thought it would be more exciting to introduce them with our first release!!

So with out further delay I introduce to you Kitsunay, our translator, and trewdys, our proofreader!

And you should also thank them for our first release!

Hope everyone enjoys!
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Another monthly check up!  Well I won't be able to work on anything at all this month since I have Camp (?) but I will be able to work on stuff a lot next month so look for updates!  See you next month.
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Just a basic update to say "Still here!"  Anyway no luck finding a translator yet I asked a few people but they said they couldn't.  So if anyone knows a translator that is looking for a group why not recommend use but if you don't know anyone and still want to help please do apply we could always us the extra help!  I will probably post later in a different post some updates but, for the most part unless something major happens see everyone next month!

Oh, one last thing I am going to start making some banners and recruitment signs if anyone want to make one or pick out a picture for it just post in our forum under recommendations in the post Banners or just PM me and I will send you my e-mail so you can e-mail it to me!
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Just posting to show that I am still alive lol also I forgot to tell everyone but I have 3 volumes of Strike the Blood and 4 volumes Igazukin.  I was also doing some cleaning on Igazukin volume 1 because I had sometime.  Anyway still need staff if your interested!
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Sorry everyone for dropping of the face of the world but I got hacked and all kinds of other stuff.  Anyway I saw a while back that someone had started doing Benoten.  So we will be doing a different series!  I have been searching the web for what we should do and I found a few projects that I would like to do.

1. Strike the Blood - This is a novel!

2. Igazukin

Anyway we still need more staff so please take a look at our forums!
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Just added a player to the site.  The songs are from Kanon Wakeshima's album 少女仕掛けのリブレット ~LOLITAWORK LIBRETTO~.  Enjoy.
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